Quality Care

We provide quality care to our young clients while supporting and nurturing their families and caregivers.

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Our Clients

Our young clients range in age from birth through school age, but most are between the ages of birth and 8.

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Our Services

Our clients are the picky eaters, the kids who need coaching to make and keep friends, and the kids who have difficulty developing or processing language. We specialize in Spectrum Disorders, Apraxia, and TBI. We develop "out of the box" treatment plans to foster functional communication development.

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Mission Statement

Integrated Intervention for Children with Autism (IICA) is committed to providing the highest quality therapeutic services to our young clients and their families.

Our functional approach to Autism and other relationship disorders focuses on remediating the core deficits of Autism (Social Communication and Emotional Regulation) while supporting and nurturing parents and professionals involved in their care. We value what each child can “bring to the table” and work to enhance the quality of their ability to communicate with others.


IICA evolved from the private practice of director, Amy Haught. Ms. Haught has been in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996. She specializes in Autism Spectrum and other relationship disorders and in early intervention and parent training. She has provided consultations and workshops to families and professionals in the US and Philippines regarding treatment of ASD.

Prior to her work in the Bay Area, she practiced at a non-profit agency in the Cincinnati, Ohio area serving preschool children with special needs with an emphasis on intensive parent training.

Amy is a member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), California Speech and Hearing Association (CSHA), Santa Clara County Speech Language and Hearing Association (SCCSHA) Arizona Speech and Hearing Association (ArSHA). She has actively served on SCCSHA and CSHA boards since 2001. In 2004 she earned the CSHA Outstanding Achievement Award.

Amy received her MA in Speech-Language Pathology with a minor in Audiology from the University of Cincinnati in 1995. She received a full academic scholarship for her graduate education.

She received her BS in Communication Disorders from the University of Cincinnati in 1993. She earned her ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in 1996. She has received licensure in the states of California, Nevada, Ohio, and Arizona. She received her Clinical Rehab Service Credential from the California State Department of Education.

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